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    blue earth, An Affirming Flame

    Under Capitalism, the real decisions are made by those with the money.  All the rest of us are commodities to be exploited, or at best, buyers to be manipulated.  Where does democracy come into play?  It doesn't.  The State is necessary to protect the Capitalists' property and to put down pesky workers who start to rebel.  More recently, in Late Stage Capitalism, the State also serves as a way to prop up Capitalism through mandated buying (e.g. health insurance), bailouts, and enforced monopolies (e.g. patent laws).

    Liberals have this myth that the State is the master of Capitalism, and they point to the New Deal.  That's a serious misapprehension of what happened in the 30s.  People were in widespread revolt against Capitalism, and the rebellion was too widespread to put it down with force.  So the State was used to tame that uprising, partly through government payments and partly through regulation of the labor movement.  "Regulation" of Capital, in the form of the SEC and FDIC, was imposed by the big boys, and the more sensible among them, so that the system would be more stable for the good of Capitalists.

    Did that work better for working people than what is happening now?  Yes.  But it kept all real decision-making power in the hands of Capitalists, and left the beast alive and ready to devour us the first time those in power thought they could get away with it.

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