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  •  People perceive others (5+ / 0-)

    according to where they stand when the shit begins to fly.

    And common to most people is the tendency to assume that their particular experiential vantage point should be accepted to be the basis of reality for others, even when those others are having a far different experience.

    My summary of Blueness isn't meant to be exhaustive of all aspects of his range of expression, it is the view that comes from my having witnessed him in his battles here.

    No doubt you've seen a side that I haven't. I would welcome that side of him to surface here in this instance.

    Nice of you to join the conversation, which began with me showing empathy to a person I respect who just got banned, a person who also has facets to his personality which people may experience differently depending on where they stand.

    I made one comment to him which sparked this discussion. Step back and look at this ridiculous thread in which I have been attacked for that one expression of personal empathy.

    Hmm. Is this tolerant? Is this kind? Is this necessary?

    •  maybe you do (3+ / 0-)
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      People perceive others

      according to where they stand when the shit begins to fly.

      i knew Edger slightly, a couple of years ago. what he did yesterday was shocking to me (and many others). it was a flat-out betrayal of trust -- and very uncharacteristic of the Edger i thought i knew.  i'm not going to criticize you for empathy, but this is a fresh wound, and your timing (and perhaps venue) are working against you.  my empathy is with the person who extended kindness and generosity, only to be distressed and vulnerable for her graciousness.

      if you "hate the sin, but love the sinner" (not the best analogy but i'm late), i can understand the way you feel.  i truly wish this had never happened at all, but no one consulted me or you before an irrevocable harm was done.



      •  Thank you (5+ / 0-)
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        Avila, gooderservice, TheMomCat, Agathena, RiaD

        I like the tone here far better.

        I've already answered upthread in detail the points you raise, which were brought up by others. Have you read them? Including the back and forth that occurred? Why repeat them here?

        Does it help to draw this out? I made one comment in the middle of the night. Imagine what would have occurred if people just ignored it.

        I've seen others who were banned treated well by people who liked them. The sight managers were demonized for banning them, people wrote defensive diaries on their behalf, and the response in the comments was all out warfare.

        I'm sure you can think of a few that fit this description.

        I'm just one person who wanted to offer a kind remark to a person who was banned. I don't defend the action, as I've already abundantly made more than clear. And yet here we are, in a long thread, hashing this out.

        I stand by everything I've said about this in my posts here.

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