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  •  That's well within the standards of a hide ratable (2+ / 0-)
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    TheMomCat, RiaD

    comment. Larval stage?

    Wow, indeed. And your friends love you for this?

    •  how (2+ / 0-)
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      Drewid, poco

      funny you are. "Larval stage" is "well within the standards of a hide ratable comment" . . . says he who damns those who are not him as "anti-American."

      As someone who so very recently presented himself as a veritable oracle on all things "hippie," surely you are aware of the nature and meaning of "larval stage" within Leary world, and therefore know it to be a term not "hide-ratable" in the least.

      And few things are more pitiful than someone who deploys recs on a blog as a measure of his worth (and to reproduce all the names!). Didn't you just tell us that "I'm proud of one thing here: I try to never get bogged down in group-think." Why then would you care what that group thinks?

      •  Several Strawman (1+ / 0-)
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        1) Anti-american was used in an ironic sense, as you would know if you had read the comments. It was a play on those who think dissent is disloyal.

        2) I don't consider myself an expert on "hippiedom" but I do have a point of view about that, which I've expressed. Sue me.

        3) What a hilarious defense of your "larval" comment: You were actually giving me a compliment, and you use Leary to support your case. Obviously your intent was to insult. But that you would use such a defense, even if pure snark, indicates a glib, superficial mentality.

        4) I don't use support on a blog as a measure of worth. In fact, worth is not something I knew was being discussed. Are you asserting I have low worth?

        More of that jugular vein attack mode, I see. You're a credit to the site.

        I will give you one thing, so that at least one of us can concede a point, like people do in civil discourse (heh), and that is the number of recs truly is not an argument in a debate over ideas. But we aren't exactly debating ideas here: You've made this into just another cyber dual of quips at this point; a contest of ad hominens and insult. I concede you've won. And since personal worth (you wrote "your worth," indicating my personal value as a human being, which you brought into this discussion) is subjective, thankfully there are some in the community who disagree with you.

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