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View Diary: BREAKING: Bank of America BROKE Deal, Nevada Suing UPDATED (118 comments)

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    What does one expect from corrupt and unethical for profit corporations?  This is what we have seen from these entities all throughout history.  Only if they know they will be held accountable and held accountable in the harshest ways do they behave respectably.  

    This is happening due to our corrupt and/or stupid President making deals that let them off for criminal and immoral behavior.  As one can see Obama is pressuring the state AG's to accept a deal that absolves them for all their wrongdoing.  Why would they ever behave differently?  They won't and here is an example.  

    Aren’t you sick of these deals?  When will he bail out the next criminal corporation and tell the working class they have to sacrifice Social Security and Medicare.  How can Obama call himself a Democrat and how can any Democrat agree to such social injustices?

    How much longer will you put up with this shit?

    Time to primary his ass!

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