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View Diary: How Bill Nye (and Al Gore) are Blowing the Climate Change Argument (100 comments)

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    Re: Democracy Now's excellent interview Monday... this applies to climate change as well...

    ...Didn’t Wilkerson have any assistants. I got all my info from public sources.

    Why couldn’t he have tasked his assistant with combing the public sources for both sides of the story.

    He would have found the same stuff I read. Scott Ritter, who was very outspoken, was important in revealing the scam. There was a reporter for LATimes who revealed who Curveball (mobile bio labs, ridiculous on the surface) was early on (not sure if his articles were before or after the invasion, though).

    The State Dept’s OWN intelligence division thought the aluminum tubes were for missile sheaths, not nuke centrifuges.

    Then there was Joe Wilson’s oped on yellowcake, not to mention that the Italian intel bureau leaked memo on that subject as an abysmal forgery. Didn’t even use the right stationery.

    Occam’s razor also influenced my thinking: there were only 4 arguments the WMD side made, and each one was easily demolished upon inspection. If SH really had WMDs that were in any way dangerous to U.S., there would have been plenty more evidence & much more robust evidence.

    Long-winded way of pointing out that the normal human tendency is to believe what the “experts” & the govt tells us (and then do bias-confirmation reading if one is energetic), which is why such small groups can control so much so easily...

    An especially noticeable tendency among people who get to high places; they didn’t get there by NOT believing what their betters (or bosses) tell them.

    "Brown Nosers" we all run into at work - run our Country today!  Sad and sick, eh?

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