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View Diary: Presidential Candidates to American People: You Get Paid Too Much (11 comments)

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  •  We need livable not minimum wages (0+ / 0-)

    With income inequalities at obscene levels in the United States today the minimum wage just isn't cutting it. Rick Perry can create employment for every Texan, but what will 15,000 a year do for the quality of life. Even if you work two minimum wage jobs, which unfortunately many americans are forced to do, you are still left underemployed.

     We need real answers for Americans who struggle to make it week by week. How many times do we need to see tax cuts for the wealthy before we as a people realize it doesn't create good jobs. Rick Perry made a statement that the failed policies of the thirties must end. FDR policies helped propel a nation out of financial ruin to confront a world war and the next 50 years. When we see Reagen and these let the rich flourish at everyone else's expense we see the unraveling of our society. Republicans have no answers for workers.

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