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View Diary: Virginia governor splits with Cantor on disaster relief (71 comments)

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  •  This is about governing (6+ / 0-)

    An executive, state local official is charged with making sure the state runs.  No matter how much McDonnell would maybe like to blame Obama, FEMA or an Act of God, he knows that if this destruction lingers and people continue to suffer, he will eventually get blamed.  The buck stops with him.  Just the nature of the beast.

    Cantor, being in Congress, is freed from the responsiblity of governing. I mean, he could govern, but apparently that isn't too high on the House agenda. So, he is free to bloviate without really having to worry about re-election, because he knows the people who voted him into his political seat are too loyal and stupid to hold him accountable for the problems in the country.   Cantor has perfected the role of congressmen in Modern America.  Its really a breathtaking performance.  Complain, complain, complain.  Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Lobby, lobby, lobby.  Govern?  Maybe in two years.  

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