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View Diary: What "SpeechDate" Really Shows (362 comments)

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  •  my take, after browsing a few opinions on telly, (5+ / 0-)

    radio and blogworld is that:

    1: the final decision works extremely well for the President, because now people will (maybe) actually watch the Repub debate and have something to compare with the President's speech on the following night. WIN for Pres.

    2:  The NFL game between Saints a packers starts at 8:30 pm after the Presidents's speech, therefore the great white male demographic may be reasonably sober if the watch his speech. WIN for Pres, NFL and GWM's

    3:  NBC will build audience and make more money off the debate and the Pres's speech. WIN for NBC (otherwise known as Comcast).

    4:  The whole blog world and the entire  chattering cable world have a whole bonus 24/48 hours to stay hysterical now the waters are receding from Irene and there is no new disasters yet in sight.  WIN for ALL.

    5"  BONER once again is left with egg on his face having to choose between being incompetent, disrespectful, led around by the nose by everyone. LOSE for BONER.

    As for the blathering blog world, I'll let you all have at it. Those who love Obama will say he did good, those who don't will say he caved and you have almost a week to hash that out before the debate and the spearfish.

    Enjoy.  Get your diaries written and ready in the starting gate!

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