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  •  Apparently, everyone has forgotten the Clinton... (0+ / 0-)


    Of course race is a HUGE issue for the Thugs. That's been a big part of their organizing since... many decades ago. Nixon formally institutionalized bigotry in the GOP. So this isn't news.

    But if Obama were white he'd be enjoying 95% of the same treatment, with the same intensity. They'll fling whatever feces they have on hand. This is not to discount the racism, as it is perfectly horrid, but rather it's a part of a larger problem. Or perhaps more accurately, pathology.

    Bill Clinton, after all, was a coke-snorting philanderer, commie sympathizer, bad real estate deal-making (as in lost money, which is apparently a crime in Bozoville), socialist interloper... and so on... oh, and he murdered Vince Foster! Oh, oh, he also caused 9/11!

    And, to top it all off, after years of caving to Republicans 90% of the time, they still treated him this way! Ingrates!

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