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  •  In the State of CT, for example (0+ / 0-)

    Let's say you want to be a teacher of language arts/reading.

    Besides student teaching, before you get a preliminary certificate, you need to take two tests, Praxis I and Praxis II.

    I rarely find a new teacher who passes these tests on the first try. The questions are brutal.

    Those who pass only get preliminary certification. Tenure only comes after 4 years of teaching.

    Want to get rid of bad teachers? Make sure administrators have the guts to evaluate and politely push those who should not be in a room with kids.

    Teachers who take on a student teacher, also must grade his/her teaching honestly.

    I failed one of my student teachers. It was not pretty, but I held my ground along with the support of the administration. I was threatened with law suits and more.

    The union helped me stand my ground, and I am happy to say this person's university also supported me.

    Ask prospective teachers if they want a job or a career. If they treat teaching as a job- put in the hours and go home, then get out of the profession.

    Good teachers know that teaching is a life-long career, in which you seek growth, no matter how long you have been teaching.

    School starts on Tuesday for me. My 43 year. And if I didn't have to deal with data teams and articulation meetings with little articulation, and other nonsense, I might teach until I drop. The problem is now that teachers need time to actually teach- and not to the useless standard state tests.

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