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View Diary: Why Did Health Insurance Reform Fail in California? (68 comments)

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  •  Well, there goes my health ins. coverage (3+ / 0-)

    I am suddenly in the crosshairs by Anthem Blue Cross.  I have a COBRA conversion policy from a public-agency job a decade ago.   I pay $760/mo. just for me, with no deductible, but no coverage to speak of, either.  No prescriptions, no "diagnostics", no doctor appointments covered.  

    But all of a sudden I have this letter from Anthem Blue Cross.  They are offering for me to move into any other policy that they offer, grandfathered in, no underwriting considerations (like for pre-existing conditions).  And I have to make this choice now, before September 30th.

    Sounds amazing, right?  NOT.   Reading every word of the letter carefully,  I note these caveats:  I will be charged double any premium for any policy I choose from their offerings, with my age and location being other mitigating (or expanding) factors into the price.

    And if I just stay with my current useless policy?   I get a strong feeling that B/C is about to raise my premium so high, that'll dump me off their risk coverage.   It seemed to me that the impending vote on the range of the Insurance Commissioner's power over insurance companies in the state was what was driving the sudden urge to get me into a "better policy".

    So...after this bill was shot down, now I'm basically Anthem B/C imminent road-kill.  I had such high hopes...

    Thanks for letting us know the status of the bill.  I appreciate it

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