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  •  "No drama Obama" is misleading. (0+ / 0-)

    Obama likes him some kerfuffle, likes to mix stuff up.

    We saw that with the Rev. Wright thing.  We saw it with the ACORN dust-up.  The wingers expended a lot of energy for nothing.  Dodd/Frank and the ACA made the ARA passé.

    There's a reason Wall Street is in a dither.  The federal government is getting into the "allocation of credit," as Warren Stephens refers to it.  That is, the federal government is putting the squeeze on the financial middlemen, banksters and their lackeys, the insurance companies.  Insurance companies were the siphon that transferred the peoples' assets to Wall Street.  What kind of insurance?

    health insurance
    home owner insurance
    mortgage insurance
    renter insurance
    auto insurance
    wind insurance
    flood insurance
    liability insurance
    fire insurance
    credit card insurance
    burial insurance
    death insurance
    survivor insurance
    medical insurance
    accidental death insurance
    travelers insurance

    Insurance companies have a love/hate relationship with government.  If government does good in addressing the vagaries of man and nature, insurance companies have few claims against them.  But, if government does too good a job (houses don't burn, criminals are caught, roads don't wash out, etc.) then people will just let their policies lapse.  That's why what used to be "optional" bundles of car/home/liability policies are now "mandatory."  In Georgia they don't insure your house, unless they get to insure your car, as well.  Now, that's what I call extortion.

    by hannah on Fri Sep 02, 2011 at 06:27:35 AM PDT

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