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View Diary: “BREAKING: Tea Party Activists arrested at White House” (100 comments)

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  •  One reason that teabaggers getting arrested would (11+ / 0-)

    be news is that for the most part, they aren't willing to put themselves on the line for their beliefs.  Oh, sure, they'll show up at a rally (as long as someone else organizes it and provides convenient transportation).  They'll wave the signs given to them, or mis-spell their own.  But how many baggers do you think would risk jail time for their cause?  Yeah, it would be news if baggers walked the walk, instead of just talking the talk ...loudly.  Man bites dog, etc...

    Activists on the left - for environment, for LGBT equality, for the unemployed, for healthcare - are willing to give up their time and comfort, to risk arrest, for their cause.  It's not considered news that we're willing to fight for what we believe in.  It's not even considered news that the powers that be have us arrested for speaking up.  And of course, it's not considered news that the powers that be ignore us.  That's just how it's supposed to work, right?

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