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  •  The Democratic Party has a timid leader (8+ / 0-)

    because we the voters in it are timid "vote for the lesser evil" voters and have been for decades.  (Note that "we" includes me).  We've bought into pro-corporation propaganda more than we like to think.  We the voters have accepted too much compromise with corporate power in politics by voting for Clintons, Landrieus, etc. We are just as quick to run screaming from "communism' and "socialism" labels as anyone else.  The left wing is effectively shut out.

    I believe it has now gotten to the point that it is too late.  It's like what so many others have said: even if you showed this article to R voters and even got them to read it, they would not believe it.  The lies are ingrained too deeply at this point and part of the reason is that we "lefties" have drifted to the right ourselves to maintain our own comfort and not fought for all working people, especially not for white working people.  All we've done is browbeat them for being uneducated,  racist, and laughed at them.  And the R's have made sure the white working people know that one true thing and pounded it home.  Who do you think Limbaugh plays to the most?  See, a platform of lies can't stand if it is all lies.  There has to be a grain of truth.  The D party went corporate and abandoned Labor (mustn't be seen as commies, ya know).  White working people know this and know it even without R's telling them.  That makes it easier for them to believe and hold onto the rest of whatever R's do tell them - and that works so well for the Rs electorally, financially, etc.  I am frustrated that my fellow working-class white people can't see that it's 99.9999% bullshit as a cover to pick their own pockets, but what do I have to offer them as an alternative? Vote for Bank of America Democrats? Puhleez.  I tried that myself and all I feel is shame at my timidity and weakness.  I'm not promoting it to them.  If I get banned for saying that, so be it.

    I think by now it is too late and this country is just going to finish going to hell.  It took war to decimate Europe and bring them down low enough to actually appreciate social compacts for their people; something is going to have to bring this country down so that people will have no choice but to realize we have to start taking care of each other and compromising.  It's going to take some kind of kick in the ass; that is the only time people ever seem to fucking get it.  The US has been proud too long and will have to fall.  People are going to suffer like's not what I want it's just how I see history playing out.

    It is hard to believe that the person who wrote this piece for Truthout is a Republican.   He sounds just like a ("Obama hater") Kossack, to me.  Lordy! Maybe that's why this place frequently works my last nerve (but I love most of y'all anyway): most of y'all are actually (non crazy) Republicans! LOL!  Okay, I'll stop rambling now.  I'm probably going to be banned anyway.

    •  Right on Zett. It's hard to raise your subject (0+ / 0-)

      without getting the knee-jerk response, but you've zeroed in on the heart of the matter.

      "Hey, I'm depraved on account of I'm deprived!" ...Dear Officer Krupke...

      by bryker on Mon Sep 05, 2011 at 08:34:56 AM PDT

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