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  •  End Free Trade Agreements is a start (0+ / 0-)

    If we cant get out of WTO rules anytime soon. We can start by ending all free trade treaties such as NAFTA. Hate to say it but Ross Perot was right, and Bill Clinton et al were totally wrong.

    •  that won't help us. (0+ / 0-)

      The American economy already proved in the 1980's that it cannot stand alone as an independent economy---we need the global market just as much as it needs us. We simply cannot go back to the 80's--economic nationalism is simply not a viable option. So the whole global trade structure will not ever go away, because American corporations depend upon it for their very lives.

      What we CAN do, however, is use the international free trade structure as a weapon, by forcing it to include all of the environmental, labor, consumer, and safety standards that will protect not only us but the rest of the world too. And that is the aim of the Fair Trade Movement.

      That is where our efforts should go.

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