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  •  Confusing, isn't it? (13+ / 0-)

    That's because it's a custom tip jar, and you can still reply to them. Auto-generated tip jars no longer have the [Reply to this] button, shifting the rec and hide buttons to the left.

    Here's from belinda's diary on Friday:

    But the chief item of interest was the elimination of the Reply option for automatic (non-customized) tip jars. (If you have not written diaries: a diarist can add one or more comments to a diary before it has been published. So, for that matter, can another group editor if the diary is queued to publish initially to a group. The first of the pre-publication comments is considered the "tip jar" by the software, no matter what it is and whether or not it is by the diarist. Such a "custom" tip jar CAN be replied to. If no comments are added before publication, the software creates a comment entitled "Tip Jar" at publication. This is the kind of tip jar that now CANNOT be replied to.) So now, the diarist has the option of whether to allow replies to the tip jar, by choosing which kind of tip jar to have. In a diary that might be expected to be contentious, the reply-less auto tip jar can prevent a big pie fight right under comment #1, that pushes other, earlier discussion far down the page.

    The first thing that happened was an epidemic of accidental hide-ratings of auto tip jars, to the extent that lineatus wrote a warning diary about it. With the Reply option gone, the Recommend and Hide radio buttons shifted to the left, while the hide-rating warning does not always work, especially for people on mobile devices. So if your finger clicks one of these auto tip jars where the Recommend button USED to be, you will HR! The private messaging system has seen heavy use this week as other commenters try to get inoffensive diarists un-HRed. If you see an odd HR in a tip jar from someone you are friendly with, you can help by contacting that person and checking whether they intended it.

    The entire diary is here.

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