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View Diary: Getting to Know Your Solar System (5): Earth (Vol. 2) (44 comments)

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  •  The core would be nickel-iron anyway (0+ / 0-)

    but it would be smaller.  All solid bodies that form from accretion have an iron core - only those which are created by being blasted off a larger body lack iron.

    As to the many chance events that life depended on, I tend to subscribe to the anthropic principle: Basically, the only possible way conditions can be observed at all is for those conditions to have led to life and intelligence, however improbable the chain of events, so by unavoidable selection bias all such observations will involve a large number of coincidences.  Highly probable circumstances will not lead to being observed.

    The conundrum of stable democracy: Reform requires the consent of the corrupt.

    by Troubadour on Fri Sep 09, 2011 at 11:42:14 AM PDT

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