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View Diary: The presumption of guilt, or why jurors cannot be trusted with human lives (34 comments)

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  •  I have served on two juries (3+ / 0-)
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    very different charges (drug sales / statutory rape), very different places (large city / small town 3000 miles apart), different outcomes (one of 3 defendants convicted / hung jury). But in both cases the jurors took their roles very seriously and did not for the most part come in prejudging the case. There were a small number in each that I think seemed inclined to vote a certain way based on who the defendant was (in one case innocent, in the other guilty). But based on my limited experience I think people recognize the significance of their actions.

    Actually what bothered me more than your concern was the weirdly limited and circumscribed version of the story you hear as a juror, where there are a lot of loose ends that don't seem to add up. That happened in both trials and there are big question marks at the end.

    •  But doesn't that kind of thing happen (1+ / 0-)

      due to the rules of evidence or because of rulings made by the judge? In my experience, lawyers will answer of lot of those questions once the verdict is in.

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