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  •  Salem Witch Trials of 1692 (2+ / 0-)
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    elwior, Bluefin

    seemed kind of coercive.

    19 people hanged for consorting with the Devil. One pressed to death with stones and four others dying in prison.

    And oh yeah-two dogs executed.

    Not exactly a model episode of Enlightenment thought in action.

    Plus I made the comparison only in regards to the suggestion that this kind of thing was what drove the Pilgrims here, as others pointed out this distorts the actual history to the point of being a near mirror image. There were far more similarities than deep differences between Puritans and modern Dominionists considering the considerable passage of time involved.
    Also you can find earlier Protestant sects fully as radical as the 19th century ones you cite. Western Europe was torn by wars more or less religious in origin from 1524 to 1650 or so and not all of it was just Catholic vs Protestant, there was a lot of violent sectarian activity and many sects that didn't hesitate to enforce their own orthodoxy at the point of a pike. Particularly instructive is the German Peasant War at the beginning of this period when various groups started having violent breaks with Luther and the new Lutheran Church.

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    •  I worked in Salem next to the Hawthorne Hotel (0+ / 0-)

      near the Official Witch's  store (Laurie Cabot) in the '90's, in the very old bldg/home that housed the offices of MSPCC (prestigious child protection agency).  I was the Program Coordinator and site manager for that officer.  Salem is a lovely and very spooky place.  I remember one very strange Halloween evening.  I am thinking of writing a Diary about it.

      The memorial to the witches is startling, stark and riveting.  Stone benches in a very plain walled area.  My first time there tears came to my eyes for no readily knownl reason . . . except the fear of injustice and hatred.

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