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View Diary: According to USA Today's logic, you should ask your boss for a pay cut (122 comments)

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    My partner and I spend about $500/mo or so on groceries.  We make $150K a year between us.  That's 4%.  If were were making $35K between us, then it would be about 18%.  And herein is the point.  If you're doing well, those fixed costs like groceries, rent, utilities and the like are relatively small potatoes.  But if you're not well off (say 200% of poverty, which I think is considered for a "family" of 2, maybe not far from that $35K figure), it's a big bite in the butt!

    "... a disciplined minority of totalitarians can use the instruments of democratic government to undermine democracy itself." -- Hannah Aredt, regarding the behavior of the National Socialist (NAZI) Party in the Reichstag in the Weimar Republic.

    by billlaurelMD on Tue Sep 06, 2011 at 02:32:36 PM PDT

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