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View Diary: According to USA Today's logic, you should ask your boss for a pay cut (122 comments)

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  •  I have no idea... (0+ / 0-) anyone is reading that into her statement, considering premise of the book is to calculate that amount.

    So she said: Hi, I'm here to lie by implication about something in a sentence hidden inside my book, for no apparent reason, as this isn't any sort of political book, but a book to fight the growing issue of adult innumeracy. Then I will provide a bunch of simplified math to show how this lie is, in fact, a lie.

    Seriously, that's what you guys think is going on?

    Or, more likely, USA Today lied and then grabbed some random books and looked for someone else to blame the lie on, and found a sentence they could quote out of context that somewhat sorta implied what they said, if you looked at it with the assumption that it did imply that.

    And reporter quoting such a phrase in that context should be fired. Someone saying it as they explain how tax brackets work and how to calculate that amount? Not so much.

    I swear, it's amazing how a single sentence buried miles deep in a book is somehow misleading if you selectively quote it and pretend it says something it quite literally does not say at all. Yes, we know it's possible to imply a lie while stating the truth, but did you know that it's also possible to imply something is a lie by quoting it completely devoid of context? Wow, who would have thought that?

    Laura Laing herself showed up in the USA Today comment thread: This issue is covered correctly in Math for Grownups. But I'm so glad that you pointed out this very common misunderstanding. The example from the book considers whether or not non-taxable perks and more paid time off might be a better deal than the raise itself. Folks may assume that a raise is the best option--however, there are many ways to negotiate with employers so that more money is kept in your pocket!

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