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View Diary: I'm Tired of "Reverse Racism" (26 comments)

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  •  any time a woman or African American or whoever (8+ / 0-)

    gets a job over you, it is reverse racism.  I knew a female med student years ago when med school classes had a dozen or fewer females in each class; she blew the top off MCATs, had a 4.0 undergrad in molecular biology plus an MS in the same discipline.  She was in the MD/PhD program and was a top student.
    Fellow stopped her in hall one day.  He was well known as a legacy admission; he had too much juice not to be accepted but it seems his very best buddy had not made the cut and he loudly voiced his opinion about women and minorities getting preferential treatment that screwed his buddy over royally.
    Somehow she had insulted him and he let her have the full force of his opinion that she had taken his buddy's slot in class and she should just drop out because she was going to get pregnant and never do anything important.
    She repeated his charge 'I took your friend's place?  No you are wrong. You took your friend's place" and walked off  

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