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    I said that to convince the other old people that it was appropriate for them to perform and like a newer song than most of those we do. I didn't mean that only old people are allowed to like the Beatles or Fleetwood Mac. Statements like that have an entirely different context when they are made by me, 63, to people who are mostly over 70, you young whippersnapper! Some of the old men refer to me as "the kid", which is pretty funny to me.

    If you were 9 in 1970, then you're the same age as President Obama, just turned 50, and therefore "old" from the point of view of young punks. Most of these spiky-haired, pierced face geeks I've asked about their musical tastes don't listen to the Beatles. To them, you're old, you like the Beatles, so it's "old people's music". I rest my case. (Q.E.D.)

    You and I like the Beatles, and we're both over 50. My musically gifted daughter, 18, loves the Beatles because she appreciates the sophisticated harmonic interplay of their best works. Ignorant jackasses, with tin ears, of any age, seem to prefer rap or some other such crap over the Beatles these days. Liking the Beatles now is more of a discriminator of good taste in music more than of age. In the 1960's, all young people (16-25) loved them and older people generally didn't.

    I cited the Beatles as an iconic group for that decade because people fixate on their favorite music between the ages of 16 and 25, and stick with that taste for the rest of their lives. A person's favorite song is generally from their formative decade. I was trying to indirectly collect an age distribution of my readers without asking them how old they are, which is the type of question a lot of people won't answer.

    I do a lot of unconventional stuff with statistics to see if I find anything new and revealing. The distribution  is pretty much what I expected, so I don't know if I can draw any inferences from it.

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