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View Diary: Preventing Crazy from going Mainstream- Tea Time with the Larouchies (107 comments)

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    Your standing up to the Larouche automatons shows the same kind of personal conviction as evangelical Protestants' engaging in "witnessing", their term for aggressive proselytizing. While I don't share their religious views, I admire the strength of will they have. I always let them down easy and part with a friendly smile when they accost me.

    I agree with you, but that's not why I applaud your confrontational stance with the Larouchies rather than liken them to the Christians and champion their contention with you. I don't like the Larouche supporters because they are a bunch of sneaky, opportunistic jerks who do nothing except piss everyone off with their claptrap. Everyone with half a brain knows that Larouche himself is a nut job, but we could easily ignore him were it not for the annoying persistence of his delusional supporters.

    My local Democratic organization is infested with a squad of these cretins who attend the meetings, but don't shell out the money to join. We have to tolerate them because it's a public meeting, but we don't let them address the group! One of our bylaws is that you must be a member to speak.

    A former wife of mine had a grudge against Scientologists. She used to rant and chew them out whenever we encountered them. Once, she kicked over their card table and took a swing at one before I hauled her away. I loved her for that passionate opposition to phoney, pseudo-religious scams, even if she succumbed to rage rather than engaging them in debate as I might have done.

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