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View Diary: J Town: Got Post? September 10, 2011 (308 comments)

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  •  more information on ratings (27+ / 0-)

    This is information derived from last comments rated and kos' diaries stating where he was in the purge process.  I do not find where the last rating time is shown, but you can tell from the last comment rated whether or not the user was purged after a particular communication from kos.

    I have also identified the meta / conflicts that I am aware of the person being involved in.  Since I customarily do race based meta, I didn't know many of these people.  I looked up comments on some.  The * indicates people known to me to be on the other side of race based meta.

    First cut; The first communication was on 09/07/11 at 11:42 and he said:

    I'm now itching the ban the fuck out of the biggest dicks on the site.

    I'm already at about a dozen, with ratings pulled from several more.

    These are the users who last rated comments posted before that diary was posted.

    CornSyrupAwareness        no idea   
    JesseCW        solid jerk   
    trashablanca        BK/ Ally   
    Badabing        *   
    Christin        Everything   
    blueyedace2        No idea   
    Ezekial Zechariah Foster        no idea   
    neaguy        no idea   
    dfarrah        no idea   
    kefauver        Ally / IP?   
    Rustbelt Dem        BK/ Ally   
    soothsayer99        BK   
    JoanMar        BK/Black woman   
    princss6        BK/Black woman   
    Paul in Berkeley        I/P ?   
    Mets102        I/P?   
    volleyboy1        I/P?   
    Dov12348        solid jerk   

    At about 1 PM kos posted "on ratings" to ask whether the community wanted an icon. At  1 PM Thursday kos posted a purge update

    These are the people whose last comments were posted prior to the Thursday communication.

    Radio Girl        BK   
    sberel        BK/ Ally   
    fcvaguy        BK/ black man (? i am so embarrassed not to know)   
    conlakappa        BK/Black woman   
    Robinswing        BK/Black woman   
    carolus          Guns (?)   

    These are the cases as noted in the diary posted 09/08/11 at 1:02 pm

    I'm still reviewing some individuals, particularly some borderline cases, but the bulk of the purge is done.
    sneakers563        no idea
    larsstephens        BK/ Ally
    The MomCat        *
    jec        no idea
    Rick Aucoin        *
    cville townie        *
    Celtic Pugilist        *
    LaEscapee        * (? hardly the worst)
    banjolele        no idea
    kerplunk        no idea

    Notes, Rustbelt Dem is not showing no ratings, but I am quite sure he will not be back so the point is moot.

    trashablanca was able to rate yesterday even with bojo  showing but could no longer access the site last night.  

    Current list of banned Black men taken in the purge: Adept2U, TiMT.  I thought Porrighteous teacher was banned, but I don't see him in this list.  AAmom, a Black woman, was banned.  

    And trashablanca, who could be downright annoying and frequently offensive in all areas but in the past two years has been, along with me, radicalized by the disrespect shown to Black Kos and Black users.  So I hope he would be considered an ally, but it is for that community's members to evaluate how this impacts them.

    I couldn't give a shit about the people banned on the other side.  It is an illusion to believe that you can take one from a group of ten and one from a group of ninety and have that be addressing 'both sides'.

    I've made commitments to people here, and I wish I were in a position to keep them.  I met my life partner through this site and my heart can't be here when he is not.  Not at this time.  That on top of everything else that has happened to the BK family.   Remember, this is a business through which an individual accumulates personal wealth.  It is not a movement.  

    To my BK family.  I love you all.  I wish I were in a place where I could be here for you.  Maybe in a month, I will be calm enough to think about it.  at this time, I can only hope some of the people I have been trying to touch in the last few days can step up to fill my shoes.

    I present these numbers about the ratings for each individual to evaluate for him/herself.  I present them and the methodology I used, if there are any errors, I apologize.  I want to be quite clear I don't believe there was an intent on the part of kos to be unfair. I won't retread comments I already made in this regard.  I do find the result to be appallingly unacceptable.

    White Ally. Holding BK family, here and elsewhere, in my heart. My ratings were suspended 09/07/11 between 1-5 PM Central time.

    by sberel on Sun Sep 11, 2011 at 10:20:08 AM PDT

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