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  •  thousands of HIb go into research (0+ / 0-)

    and the universities and research institutes could not do without it. I don't know about other industries, but the H1b for research is a huge success. Huge and many spin-off companies benefit from this research, very talented, very motivated people. People we want to get into the US. We really do need these people. They will continue to make America great. Have done so in the past. In fact, all Americans are immigrants. Except for Native Americans. The funny thing is that the second generation is usually against immigrants to protect the wealth that the first generation created. You can even see this this trend in poll among Hispanics these days.

    The other sad thing is that most of the H1b holders come from Asian countries with a far better education than ours. And in most case free education. We really have to improve our education. What I am saying, lets keep the HIb visa system for research, but really improve our education. Federal funding of research could be linked more with an obligation to go into high schools etc. We have to really do something about this. The NSF is already doing this.

    No industrial nation can live without an educated electorate either. What we see with the successful anti-science assault by the GOP and the teaparty, the campaign against global warming is only possible thanks to an educational decay. Candidates like Palin and Bachmann are a complete joke to most industrialized nations. Stunning that they can be successful. Lets do something about this.

    •  This post is full of falsehoods and insults (1+ / 0-)
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      1. "most of the H1b holders come from Asian countries with a far better education than ours"

      This is absolutely false. The U.S. has a 99% literacy rate, while India has a 74% literacy rate  and China has a 95.9 literacy rate.
      The U.S. mandates the education of ALL children, China and India do not.  The U.S. does not need to model it's education system on that of third world countries.

      The U.S. does not need the H-1B system for research. By making it worthwhile for U.S. citizens to enter research fields, the U.S. simply has to raise the salaries.  The NSF will not raise compensation while there is an unlimited supply of foreign students willing to work for nothing more than a small survival stipend and a chance to get a U.S. work permit.  

      What the U.S. is willing to pay for a skill, shows the value of that skill.  U.S. students pay attention to this.

      I also notice that you freely interchange H-1B with immigrant.  They are not the same.

      Can you point to any inventions by an H-1B?

      •  Go into any university and you are surrounded by (1+ / 0-)
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        them. They are very good. Many patents come from them. Apparently we have an IT university divide here - I believe you what you see. Please believe me. Universities do need the H1b program. More details. Many come with an J1, but may need to transition to an H1b after a couple of years. Many later become faculty, drive our research. Excellent people we like to keep in the US.

        Yes, China is big and polar and the poverty of the land can destabilize China any day really. However, look at the urban centers. Shanghai won the school competition - had the highest scores. South Korea etc, they outperform Americans by a wide margin. Admission to universities these days are often an affirmative action program for Americans. We really lost it. They are better. Don't be blind. Question is how innovative they are if you ask me. How balanced as a personality they are, how free to really invent something. But they are extremely smart and they learn the other things from us. If we can bind them to the US, we will benefit greatly.

        Also, it is not cool to be an engineer, scientist in the US. In India it is. An entire generation of kids grows up finding this cool, wanting to invent the next thing. They are excited. Not our kids. How can we change this? We need to excite our kids about science again. Yes we are facing on of the most brutal anti-science climate I have ever seen in this country.

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