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View Diary: Hundreds of ideas on how the executive branch can create jobs without congressional action (160 comments)

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    Again, you seem to be emotional about this. I'd appreciate a disclosure on your part about the issue.

    As someone pointed out below, we (as people concerned about people here in the US) think we have talented people here who might be given greater opportunities if it were not simply more convenient and cheaper for some to import that work... whether medical research or IT.

    I have heard the same thing others say with first-hand experience. The H1B people come here and work for less than Americans and yet they are being exploited as well, because they are stuck paying for things US price-wise without US level salaries. Many are forced to live nearby their workplaces and rely on our 'public transportation' which is not what it could/should be ---- and if you pay attention to what has been reported, many fill out their initial obligations and go straight back to their countries because of these things.

    And still nothing offered from you but what seems to be a personal opinion propped up with T. Kennedy's approval? Yeah. I'm still not buying.

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