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View Diary: US Chamber Wants Mandatory Indoctrination for High School Students (190 comments)

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  •  They don't disregard the role of government (2+ / 0-)
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    tardis10, Neon Mama

    they are actively corrupting the judicial branch to limit liability, restrict access to the courts, and pack the courts with sycophants who have the power to rule on those cases with funds and persistence enough to actually sue and make it into the courtroom. And they are using the legislative branch to do this.  They know how to use government to their own benefit, and the only benefit they are interested in the the almighty dollar. Limited liability for torts and malpractice, increased filing fees, mandatory arbitration in lieu of suing in court, instituting worker compsentation plans, agreeing to be regulated as long as the quid pro quo is that they will not be liable for any harm if they are in compliance with the regulations.

    The only way an "educational" program like this would be acceptable is if it also addresses how people harmed by the actions of a "free market" enterprise will be compensated. What will the remedy be and how will the remedial system work?  Kids being taught about economic systems need to study the whole system, not just the part about how to make money.

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