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View Diary: US Chamber Wants Mandatory Indoctrination for High School Students (190 comments)

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    In our community, we have a program offered at the community college called: Leadership AA and it is sponsored by the local CHAMBER . It preaches the '"education and development" of community leaders, but its goal is to train people to take over community programs and make them business friendly. It is better than creating the phony grass roots programs, because the organizations are already established. It is covert, to the take over of govt by advancing business interests in the public sector, emphasizing the "good" brought out by responsible leadership, only it is all biased toward advancing business interests while suffocating citizen voices and discouraging resistance to BUSINESS Friendly zoning, regulation and laws. The money is on the move from local up. It has reached its pinnacle with RICK PERRY and the reshaping of america into the TPARTY NATION built upon "arrogant rugged individualism, inhumane SOCIAL DARWINISM, and careless disregard for the role of govt in society. We better get moving folks, our country is in trouble.

    An EGG is not a person, A corporation is not a person!

    by CarmanK on Sun Sep 11, 2011 at 03:36:07 AM PDT

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