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View Diary: Why "High-Functioning" Psychopaths Rule The World (238 comments)

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  •  Very interesting premise (25+ / 0-)

    I went through years of my career wondering why some people got promoted over those who simply plugged away doing a good job. One firm promoted a select few to "associate" status, some of them quite vocal and "pushy" self promoters.  I asked once why these people made the cut, and other didn't, and one of the managers told me that some people take it upon themselves to "manage up"', constantly keeping the leadership team apprised of their every little success.

    This seemed utterly antithetical to the messages i had gotten throughout my life. Work hard. Keep a low profile. Don't rock the boat. However, I started copying more people on my e-mails, asking their advice, volunteering before being "voluntold"' and otherwise making the case for my promotion, and within a few months, I was in the next batch of Associates. Sadly, the promotion lost some of it's value when achieved in this way, but that was the "game".

    My friends and colleagues can confirm that I am still the same person.  I haven't sold out or lost my strong moral compass.  I'm still the goofy nerd from the science club. A better paid nerd, maybe, but still much the same.

    Imagine, however, someone who believed that their rise through the ranks of business or politics meant that they were "better" than the rest of us.  That maybe they had been divinely tappped as the next VP, CEO, president, or Messiah.  For someone lacking a strong moral compass and grounding, the adulation, money, and glory might form the basis for a new and evolving persona.

    They could easily see the quick success gained by pandering to a particular crowd, flattering the wealthy donor, firing up the fanatical "base". Once these successes validate their increasingly delusional self image, they would require more and more of this "drug" to maintain their "high".

    You cannot enlighten the unconscious.

    by cassandracarolina on Sat Sep 10, 2011 at 11:22:23 AM PDT

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