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View Diary: Tax the rich, it stabilizes society. You thought it was about being Robin Hood? (19 comments)

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  •  "thankful to have a job" (6+ / 0-)

    until october of last year i had a decent job...if you only count the money and the lack of real responsibility. as much as i wanted to get the hell out i knew the times just wouldn't easily accomodate it. and...
    every time i heard someone saying they felt lucky to have a job i told them if someone told me i was lucky to have one, i'd fucking punch'em out.
    and then one day i didn't have a job. and for the longest time i didn't know if/when i'd climb back into the workforce. well, i start a new job monday morning...but i don't credit it to luck. although somebody's pretty lucky to get me.
    thanks...just had to get this off my chest. and your diary will help me to expand the similar argument about how current top tax rates are a disincentive to reinvestment that i've been promoting, based on what i read from krugman.

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