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View Diary: Democratic Strategist Says Christian Right is the Most Powerful Force in Politics (164 comments)

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  •  Stein is blowing smoke (1+ / 0-)
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    The Christian Right is  nothing in terms political donations.
    And I can assure you that money is all that talks in politics.

    The Christian Right is strictly affilated with the TV God Merchants like Hagee and Roberston and  few other sects outside the  mainstream churches.
    They provide votes for the right wing but nothing else.

    I don't know Steins motive in pushing this story but I could make a few guesses.

    The group that will decide the next election is the same one that decided the last election...the 45% of voters that  are registered independents. Both dems and repubs now only make up 25 and 25 % of all voters registered to vote.

    There aren't many, if any, dedicated Christians right wingers in the independents.

    "Something happens. Then you have to make a choice and take a side."...."The Quiet American", Graham Greene

    by renfro on Wed Sep 14, 2011 at 01:10:50 AM PDT

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