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View Diary: Democratic Strategist Says Christian Right is the Most Powerful Force in Politics (164 comments)

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  •  there is a difference (1+ / 0-)
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    between issues, as importance as they are, and effectively organized constituencies.  There is no greater political force in American politics than the Christian Right in this sense. Yes, there are many other factors, but that does not negate the significance of what Rob Stein said. Go back and read his quote again carefully.  Some on this thread are trying to dismiss his statement by attributing it solely to fundraising motives.  But I can attest that while fundraising was his goal, his analysis is correct.

    •  The CR has a lot of crack lawyers at the ready (1+ / 0-)
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      Catte Nappe

      although they do get paid enough. I'm thinking of James Bopp Jr.,  and Jay Sekulow. Bopp has handled so many RTL, Operation Rescue, Protect Marriage, etc. lawsuits in the past 15 years; he's the cannon behind the fundraising, working on campaign finance disclosure laws (CA, WA, MN, everywhere) voter-elected judges (MN, AS, OH), protecting the names of voters who sign petitions for referendum and initiatives (CA, WA).  Sekulow, with the ACLJ, out in front rescuing pinched religious freedoms-- Christian freedoms-- from the hated atheists. Fundraising is important but legislation and courts ruling in your favor is what keeps the money coming in and the supporters interested.

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      Also we need a better name for the Christian Right, one that's not so shiny.

      •  yes, and thanks (0+ / 0-)

        I generally use the term Religious Right, which is broad and generic. I only use it in this instance, because Rob Stein used it, and I decided to keep it simple for purposes of this piece.

        But we never entirely escape the word Christian. People are entitled to call themselves what they will.  The 'no true Scotsman' logical fallacy is a proven non-starter, as in "they are not really Christians."  This can become a method of persuasion if one happens to be a Christian leader with a powerful and contrary moral vision -- to bring people into a different Christian point of view. But it is, IMO, an otherwise empty argument in public life. There are many kinds of Christians, folks have just gotta deal with that.

        As a practical matter, there would be no religious right without the theologically and politically dynamic Christian element, even as there are many tendencies even within that Christian element. Anyone who wishes to navigate an informed conversation about these things, needs to develop a comfort level with religious categories and language.

        That said, as much as we might wish it to be so, there is no one perfect term that fits all occasions. What we need is to grow our knowledge about these things more broadly and deeply.  There is an actual vocabulary that goes with this stuff, and a number of us have worked to develop it in some workable ways. Its not that hard;-)

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