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  •  why should people (3+ / 0-)
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    ZhenRen, andrewj54, ek hornbeck

    support the boycotters? What nonsense I've had enough of Democrat's demanding I support crap i don't support because? Never is the extortion good enough to make me think that abdicating what I believe in is worth crying uncle.  

    •  There is a difference between (4+ / 0-)

      supporting the boycotters and showing some discretion.

      I personally don't support the boycott as I've been convinced of neither the underlying premise nor the efficacy of the action.

      That being said, the whole thing makes me sad, as we are a community divided and there are legitimiate issues that are in desparate need of discourse.

      One need not come in starting throwing bombs on a building that's already being demolished under its own weight.

      •  The rifts here (3+ / 0-)
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        Shahryar, Agathena, ek hornbeck

        are in the larger Democratic coalition that elected Obama and voted in a Democratic majority. I do not throw bombs but people daily here have thrown bombs at any legitimate dissent from the pathetic offerings of the Democratic political machine which at this point refuses to be democratic and has no interest in fighting for the people.

        Showing discretion is not shutting down legtamate dissent  and debate from those that are called purist white progressives when in reality they are just Democratic. people wanting their party to fight for them.

         The discourse is not helped when it breaks into people accusing people of good intent who are not buying the crap this administration is selling of being racist or purist's or traitorous firebaggers or termites or enemies of ?. Not all do this but I'm sincerely outraged by the boycotts when I see what they post from other sites and how they seek to still impose their own version of what is legitimate criticism.

         I have to hear daily that good Democrats or liberals are enemies and liars and wade through endless hijacks that accuse people of racisim or being republican traitors or plants from the right or even PUMAS. I somehow cannot accept this as being  something that should or could be worked out. What do these people who boycott  want? They want AdeptZu to be reinstated because he was goaded by a post that said that Obama.s politics are not working. How crazy dickish is that?  

        He called good people good democrat's  termites, white progressives and racists and proceeded to abuse any one who did not agree. But that's okay cause he's emotional? The rifts here and elsewhere amongst liberals and Democrats are real and allowing people to turn them into for or against is just not democratic it's not even based on the reality we face politically.

    •  Nobody is demanding you do anyting. (0+ / 0-)


      Go ahead and believe in whatever you believe in.

      I have no idea what you are talking about.


      •  vote for Obama (0+ / 0-)

        or else you get Perry, Ron Paul or Bachman. And when you do offer the vig because your frightened of lunatics or sociopaths you still get the austerity bomb as the super duper cat food commission has some super power that Obama likes and wants.

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