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    I always am interested in what you write, Muskegon Critic, but I think if you read a bit deeper into things, you would see that some kinds of differences are wound-inflicting to one side, even if you or I cannot identify as having been wound-inflicted. Racism, real or perceived, is wound-inflicting to the parties on the receiving end. It is true that I am a confirmed Obama supporter (with huge HUGE disagreements) and that I am dismayed and sometimes (probably often) angered by diarists and commenters on this site for being so hard on President Obama without so much as referencing the hideousness of Republicans and Teabaggers on issue under consideration.  

    The deepest wound in this country remains racism. The feel of many of the verbal-fists-aflyin' diaries on dKos most often seems to come down finally to the idea that, if a known black/minority diarist is firmly supporting and defending  President Obama, it's just a sign that that diarist is speaking racially, not logically.

    I identify with the boycott. Don't know yet if I'll join it formally, but I have many other matters needing attending, and maybe I won't be around much.

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      delphine, mayim, blueoasis, Aquarius40, catly

      Folks do what they gotta do.

      Though I wonder if looking for more civility or respect or racial understanding in the DailyKos comment threads is really a battle worth much.

      There are thousands MORE people out there reading who never comment at all, who never engage the community...who just read the news for information or ideas.

      Why on earth would a writer who wants to educate the public opt to stop talking to THEM to change the behavior of a handful of jackasses?

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