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  •  I've been visiting the area since I was 2 mos old. (0+ / 0-)

    My family is from Cincinnati, and we're part of the summer cottage crowd. My grandfather's family started going to Omena before 1900! I have fun memories of dune climbs and dune buggy rides as a child.
       My husband and I have decided to retire up here, because we love it, despite Rick Snyder's and the GOP legislature's awful policies. We hope to be part of the change forward. We are in Omena now for a few weeks because the rent is low -- utility costs only, and we're much happier here waiting for our house to sell.
       Hopefully there will be occasion for meeting fellow kossacks when we are here permanently.
       Thanks again!  (my reply is late cuz we don't have wifi or 3G at the cottage.)

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