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  •  Ambivalent...but not about the diary (9+ / 0-)

    (Parenthetical comment on the man who jumped:  I think it's horrific to have been driven to to this but the deal (probably) was that the fire was so hot that the thought of falling to death was preferable to burning to death, which we probably all fear the most.)

    I loved the diary - and the powerful message it conveyed.  I know there are people out there who see the world in black and white (heaven and hell) terms.

    The immature religious traditions throughout history exist to keep followers in line by "scaring hell out of them."  That's what we are talking about here.  

    Being a Catholic, and being surrounded most of my life by Jesuits, I can tell you that most of them openly question the existence of a "real" hell in the archetypal sense of the term.  

    Again I Loved the Diary - it was poignant and I love good thoughtful writing, but I think we (including me) here at DKOS have a tendency to spend too much energy reacting to the extreme views on the right.  

    What we are discussing here is something that most people in the US, I would guess would think is a complete non-sequitur.   Of course, there are a smaller subset of people who still buy the medieval view of Christianity as the relevant theological thinking.  

    I just don't want everyone to think that the whole "he jumped, he's going to hell" view is supported by mainstream theological is not

    Many "born agains" are a very unhealthy lot emotionally and psychologically.  Psychologists will tell us to beware of anyone who exhibits "black and white" thinking patterns.  That's what this is, and we should beware of it regardless of where it comes from - Right or Left.

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