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  •  suicide rarely occurs suddenly and without warning (3+ / 0-)
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    most who battle suicidality battle it for months or years and some eventually lose the battle.  It may seem sudden and without warning to those who have been ignoring the pain and despair, but not to the person feeling it.  That may be harsh, sometimes the stigma of mental illness, or other societal pressures, cause the depressed to hide their pain with varying degrees of success.  One of the reasons for the devastation the family feels is that with hindsight they can identify the signs that they missed and blame themselves for

    The exceptions may come from those who experience increased suicidality as a side-effect of various medications (Prozac is one) -- the closest I ever came to losing my battle was shortly after being put on Prozac.  

    I don't mean this as an attack against you ... we need to be aware of the difficulty of living with depression and suicidality.  It is a long term struggle.  Therapy can be very effective and needs to be a) not stigmatized and b) covered by insurance (10 visits a year is insufficient treatment for major depression).

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