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  •  To clarify why suicide is deemed "unforgivable" (3+ / 0-)

    in the Roman Catholic church,  it is NOT because of the reason given in the diary.  In Catholic moral theology some sins are worse than others.  For example, taking of a human life is considered a "mortal sin."  Virtually all sins are forgiveable if a person is penitent, i.e. is sorry for what they have done.  Because a suicide, by definition, cannot repent if they are dead, their unconfessed "mortal sin" means that they go to the place where people who have committed mortal sins go in this cosmology: hell.  

    Lots of Christians have a problem with hell.  Kierkegaard, a pietistic Lutheran, on his deathbed, reached the conclusion that, "in the end, we shall ALL be saved."  Many believe hell has been used to manipulate the living into certain ways of behaving.  most of our ideas of hell we owe to the imagination of John Milton and his Paradise Lost.  It is not a highy developed biblical concept.

    There's nothing wrong with Washington, DC that a direct hit by an asteroid wouldn't fix.

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    •  Actually I think Dante had more to do with it (1+ / 0-)
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      than Milton, who didn't actually try to describe the geography and allocations of Hell. Dante did, and in most meticulous detail, and did it a couple of centuries earlier to boot.

      If it's
      Not your body
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