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View Diary: The Progressive Agenda -- What da Heck Just Happened Here? Edition. I'm Still Here -- Day 2. (550 comments)

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  •  I've seen this happen several times here. (17+ / 0-)

    big blowup, mass bannings/dramatic departures, several new sites, of which most spend many pixels complaining about what's going on here (and/or rehashing history)...

    IMO, a big part of the problem with this current issue is that it's not a single issue. The people screaming & yelling think they've got one problem -- while Kos (and other noncombatants) think it's another.

    Yes, there's lots of cross-cultural sensitivity work to be done. But that in itself wasn't disruptive. All the fighting -- that's the problem. All those never-ending comment threads, the arguments & vendettas carried from diary to diary, thread to thread, finding their way into semi-random diaries all over the place with or without even the slightest provocation.. that's what damages the site.

    I think there were a couple people trolling the bkos diaries/threads/diarists. And they've been banned. But the occasional times I've seen this stuff, it looked like a whole bunch of people rallied together to confront their harassers, and harass them in turn. Successful trolling, in other words. So they've been banned, too.

    Found this recently:

    Looks to me like the people who were banned/had ratings removed were those who either insisted on starting fights or wouldn't ever stop fighting them. I've pointed out several times over the past year -- 1000-comment threads don't pop up out of nowhere.

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