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View Diary: We're Getting What We Wanted From The President Now: A Fight (316 comments)

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    That's what you remind me of, Tom. You bark and you growel every time we get betrayed. Then Obama pats you on the head, and regardless of how obvious it is that he's going to kick you again as soon as he no longer needs your vote, you sit and fetch and do everything he asks of you.

    While I agree with you that he is finally fighting like we demanded, it's such a cynical fight at this point that I cannot find it within me to cheer for him or to proclaim that this makes him worthy of reelection. To me, this is nothing more than award winning campaign 2.0. Fool me once...

    If this bill had the slightest chance of passage, I don't believe Obama would be fighting for it. He's only fighting for it because he knows it WON'T pass, and because it is a brilliant reelection campaign strategy.

    I'll give him credit for saying the right things for a change. Of course, he did that in 2008 too, didn't he? But it does help to reframe the conversation and that is a good thing. I just wish I could believe he stands for a word of what he's saying, like I did in 2008.

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