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  •  Pro-Lifers: What About Lives Outside of the Womb? (0+ / 0-)

    Crowds at the two recent GOP Candidate debates have demonstrated abhorrent anti-life, ghoulish behavior.    

    Last night, the crowd cheered when the moderator suggested that an uninsured 30 year old man should be allowed to die.

    Last week, the crowd cheered when a moderator cited the number of executions Rick Perry had ordered.

    I understand and respect the views of people that are against abortion.  It's not an easy issue. But, the Pro-Life movement needs to take off their blinders and see the bigger picture.  How can you be so "Pro-Life" when it's in the womb, without being being as supportive of lives outside of the womb?  There should be at least as much outrage from Pro-Lifers when it comes to victims of war, capital punishment, those neglected by our health care system, etc.  Is life more valuable before birth than it is after birth? or someone like that ought to do a commercial highlighting this anti-life behavior.  How can they call themselves "pro-life" with reactions like that?

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