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  •  This is why I was suggesting what I was (0+ / 0-)

    suggesting last week, even though no one listened or is gonna listen to me, apparently.

    They are handing us the next ten elections, but we gotta get really creative to receive what they are handing us.  All you need is a theatrical troupe of highly disciplined and skilled actors to turn up (perhaps some in quasi-fascist garb, like the marching hammers in Pink Floyd: The Wall) at rally after rally of their candidates and chant "Kill the Poor!" (or an equivalent) at the cameras.  Impersonate organized crowds of the most extreme of their supporters, take over the ongoing discourse of their moment (media will flock to any spectacular hatefest; see Fred Phelps/Westboro BC) and say to the cameras what we know they really think anyway.  Kind of a fictitious-but-convincing God-Hates-Fags campaign but more along the lines of Amur'ka-Hates-Compassion kind of vibe.  Out-Tea-Party them in their own space and make reel after reel of footage in the process illustrating for campaign ads and literature just exactly what they are.  Do it for them.  Win next elections in landslide.  Rinse, repeat.

    We have to stop crying about how barbaric they are and do shit that hangs their true selves as we know them to be right 'round their necks, so we can sink them to the bottom of the pool like an anchor.  This is necessary and we would be rewarded by our creativity (make no mistake, creativity is what is required here) with a massive victory, keeping the barbarians from the gates of power in the process and giving the President even more cover for a second term full of the kind of progressive policy action we thought we were getting when we elected him.

    I keep thinking the people who will be living in the future will look back at these times and ask a lot of questions -- i.e., why didn't they do something? -- unless we, well... do something, and something serious and ten-chess-moves-ahead of the imbecilic hate addicts that have taken over public dialogue these last couple of years.  The time for linear, reactive and predictable liberal response to the tide of madness we see coming to shore is over, IMO.  

    My little idea here is one possibility, that's all I am saying... we are too super-ego in our reaction to these people and we need to get inside their id and show it in an unprecedented and wildly innovative way (ok, maybe it's nothing new but that doesn't make it any less necessary) to the people on the fence who are watching, so things turn out well in our favor.

    Come on now, y'all, we're supposed to be the smart ones, no?  Less back-on-the-heels incredulity at their cruelty and more Situationniste International theatricality, I say.

    "Some of you are going to die... martyrs, of course, to the Freedom that I will provide!"

    by emperor nobody on Tue Sep 13, 2011 at 04:13:24 PM PDT

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