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View Diary: This Senior Citizen NAILED IT!!! (90 comments)

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  •  There are a number of issues (2+ / 0-)
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    gustynpip, J M F

    where many, many, many Americans agree:

    1.  government spending....we hate the defense spending, they hate the social spending, but it is all "government spending".  Notice how few politicians get very specific about what the spending is ON and what will get cut.

    2.  money in politics....I don't think there is a non-politician alive that doesn't despise the way our system has been corrupted.

    3.  our politicians don't work for us.  Almost every voter I've ever talked to in more than 40 years feels this way.

    So, the above dressing down of Mr. Simpson could have come from any side of any aisle as the complaints are damn near universal in the electorate.

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