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View Diary: MA-Sen: Elizabeth Warren to officially enter campaign against Scott Brown (118 comments)

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  •  I hope you're right (8+ / 0-)

    She'd better get her ground game going within the next couple of weeks at the latest.  

    •  The Scott Brown election was a perfect storm (0+ / 0-)

      Besides the horrible Democratic candidate, Scott Brown was helped because of the special election (lots of Tea Party money and out-of-state volunteers with nowhere else to go), winter (don't forget the elderly Democrats who were in Florida for the season and didn't bother to absentee), single-race election (where enthusiasm for the candidate was required to get people to the polls; next time, they'll be out already for a Presidential).

      I was so worried we'd end up with Rep. Capuano as the candidate. He couldn't even beat Martha Coakley in the primary. I too have been concerned about how Elizabeth Warren might perform on the stump, but I'm confident now that a) the lesson of Martha Coakley's mistakes has been learned, b) the Democrat will have advice and help from people who have run campaigns for Gov Patrick and Boston Mayor Menino, c) there will be a LOT of people who will not only contribute to a Warren campaign but volunteer for it. I certainly plan to.

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