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View Diary: How the government wastes billions on over-priced contractors (5 comments)

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    Speaking as an auditor of several government contracting companies, it is an absolute no - brainer that the federal government can do its own work in-house for less.  

    My favorite is the company that provides support for military conferences. Yes, that's right, the defense department pays a company to plan, coordinate and run back-ground services necessary for their conferences.  When most companies do a retreat, or an annual conference, the CEO's secretary or someone in Investor Relations does this, and simply works with the hotel or conference center's staff to get it done.  But no, the defense department has to hire a contractor to get it done.  

    For example, there was an army conference "Smoke Week".  Cost of the facilities, audio-visual, food/beverage for breaks, etc. was ultimately around $75K.  But the contractor kept adding on to the contract, getting approval for this or that, all the while building in a profit to their charges, etc. and ultimately the damn conference costs twice as much.

    Contractors are the very definition of waste, fraud and abuse.

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    by absdoggy on Tue Sep 13, 2011 at 02:34:17 PM PDT

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