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  •  I really appreciate it when people actually (7+ / 0-)

    involved in the system post comments concerning how particular laws actually work in the real world. I practiced law for a number of years but did not do much criminal defense. I nevertheless had friends who did and now have a number of friends who are in the Public Defender's Office. I agree that mandatory minimums give a huge advantage to prosecutors in both the state and federal systems. Another thing that I have noted is that prosecutors most often enter the local County Attorney's Office or the U.S. Attorney's Office right out of law school and pretty much remain professional prosecutors for their entire careers.This I suspect is because they often have very large student loan debt and need to look for secure positions with a steady paychecks in order to repay the loans. In any event I believe that it creates a situation where they might lose some balance and fail to see that the people they are prosecuting are often not so much evil lawbreakers as persons who too often lead sad disadvantaged lives.

    •  Good point about steady paychecks (7+ / 0-)

      I've seen that increase in the past decade--smart and sensitive young people working for nasty institutions. But the thing about this issue in particular is that prosecutors usually believe or, through cognitive dissonance, make themselves believe they are on the side of the angels. And the entertainment media does nothing but glorify cops, prosecutors, government agents, soldiers and so on--the reality is very, very different. But the truth is, even without the propaganda, the American people enthusiastically support jailing the poor for trivial offenses and letting the rich get away with almost any crime--even if they don't say so. The bizarre fact is that despite a lot of grumbling there has been almost no interest in the population as a whole to go after the international finance oligarchs for their obvious and stunning crimes.

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