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View Diary: Losing a special NY congressional election is nothing to be concerned about. (36 comments)

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  •  we passed a majority budget initiative (0+ / 0-)

    won every single statewide race, held several open races targeted by post-citizens united corporate money (that made a big difference elsewhere but fizzled here), and picked up a state assembly seat that got dems closer to the magic 2/3 threshold for raising taxes. GOP candidates that would have been a lock in past decades (popular socially moderate tough-on-crime LA DA) were beaten back by democrats that would have lost big (black/indian anti-death penalty "smart on crime" female liberal SF DA).

    as for schwarzeneggar, he didn't govern to the left nearly as much as the media portrayed it. there was a lot of the same union-busting anti-tax public worker-demonizing pro-corporate anti-immigrant stuff you see elsewhere, but with periodic feints towards bipartisan cooperation and lots of greenwashed BS for the cameras. stylistically, he was less bullying than, say, christie or walker, but there was a lot of the same policy, and he had to do it with significant minorities in the state leg (aided, though, by 2/3 budget/tax requirements that allow the GOP to play hostage games).

    it was a significant election in CA, and it wasn't just latino voters, it was a high base turnout and a coordinated dem/union GOTV plan that worked. regionally, it had to do with being out of synch with the rest of the country in the past several election cycles, stymied and hostage-gamed by the GOP while dems elsewhere were racking up big gains (that our donations bankrolled). in 2010, we turned our attention inward, and won.

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