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View Diary: Progressive Fail, Rapes and Self-Defense in Brooklyn, and I Join the Boycott (57 comments)

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    I was objecting to you saying just become someone does something once, that shouldn't be bannable because that is like a purity test. To refresh you memory, this is what I was responding to:
    to be sure I am clear; you are suggesting a person be banned from a site because of one statement, no matter what the history of that person on this site or his other contributions or his length of time here?  That would seem to smack of a purity test of some sort

    So I was saying yes, one statement can get you banned as there is no 3 strikes in breaking site rules. I didn't say anyone was breaking rules, which that is just you putting words into my mouth so maybe you see if you've lost your own mind before you accuse whole groups of others of having lost their mind.

    •  I was unaware that one remark constituted (0+ / 0-)

      sufficient grounds for being banned, particularly when that remark is not considered in context.  Now on the other hand, you take umbrage that I asked if you were suggesting a person can be banned for one statement.  So if I am not clear on a matter, I should not ask about it?

      Then there is further umbrage at my observation that to ban someone for a single comment would seem to smack of a purity test of some sort.  Now exactly what is offensive to observe that some action would seem or appear to be in some ways indicative of a purity test?  Are observations now verboten?  

      In short it appears you are overreacting to what is, in the final analysis, my opinion based upon what I observe and perceive.  I assume I am still entitled to my own opinion?

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