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  •  I'm in the midst of a debate.... (10+ / 0-)

    really more like an argument with a Tennis friend who has a daughter and grand kids in Israel, and is an active conservative member of AIPAC.  For starters,  I happen to like the guy a whole lot for many reasons.

    We were debating whether Hamas is the legitimate government of the Palestinian area.  I argue that it is, and he, allied with another friend refuse to accept my narrow definition of "legitimate" seeing as approval.

    For me, even though I'm a Jew it is somewhat abstract.  For him it is his daughter who is the target of the missiles, and his grandson who fought in Gaza.  His G.S. was texting him from the area, describing how they dropped leaflets telling people to leave the areas where the missiles were stored, and when they finally entered there were people who said they were forced to surround the missiles.

    My friend is passionate, but when he told me about this, just today, I don't believe he was lying.  He is old enough to remember when Jews who were fleeing Hitler had no place of refuge....not here, not anywhere.  Asking him to be "reasonable" doesn't ring true, and he only see's friends or enemies.   And he does not see Obama as being a friend of Israel.

    With the consequences of the Arab Spring, the equation has been dramatically changed in the middle east.  The dictators of Egypt and Libia were under our thumb, and their military was not a threat to Israel.   Add Turkey to the mix and Israel can very quickly become isolated.  The cost of defense, if it came to this, could be considerable for the U.S.

    At that point, anything less than fanatical commitment to Israel, not based on pragmatic considerations, but because God has said that the second coming is dependent on Israel being occupied by Jews, seems too tentative.  

    This seems too close to a conversation that could have occurred a thousand years ago, but it could be we have not come as far as we assumed.

    •  I'd question his choice of "friends" (3+ / 0-)
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      The fact of the matter is that right-wing Christians have been the leading cause of Jewish suffering over the past 2,000 years. The Republican's "pro-Israel" stance is of a deeply anti-Semitic, eliminationist nature. I personally don't trust people whose religion finds its ultimate expression in my death, but I'm just a secular liberal so what so I know.

      If the fall of the house of Murdoch is a tragedy, it is the feel-good tragedy of the century-James Wolcot

      by beltane on Wed Sep 21, 2011 at 05:21:43 AM PDT

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